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Friday, July 2, 2010

I am a Comic Book Geek And I Only Realized Just Right Now.

There are absolutely two things I MUST NOT FORGET to write in my profile page when asked of me: One, my favorite writer is Alan Moore, and that I am absolutely addicted to Gengoroh Tagame's artworks. I never really realized it but my favorite films, my taste in lovers... They were all part of this fanaticism I have with these people... And they never really had credit for it. Like, I would, (and most of you would say this as well) try not to be to elitist, too intellectually-sounding (and downright snobbish and unreachable) when I te;ll you these names that the common person will not recognize.

WHO IS ALAN MOORE? My God, you're not one to care who entertains you, are you?

Watchmen. V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... Do THEY ring a bell?

This man is absolute eccentricity. He looks like Potemkin and he practices magic,
worships a roman god named Glycon. It's a hoax, he is a real sorcerer of words, he fashions them so that people are immersed, transfixed and mesmerized.

You think Jason Mraz was a Master of wordplay? V's introduction all used the letter V in an entire paragraph. When I was 8, the only words I know that started with V is Valentines and Violin. Everything else came in when I was 11.

Was I reading him at that time? No, you idiot, his works aren't intended for younger children. They are twisted and gray.Which is so much like me. There is always either a die hard fanatic in his stories, and one unbeliever, or both, whichever way you view it.

If tere was really a person who influences the way I think, there may not be just one, but if there's a list, look for Alan Moore's name, you won't find it hard to look in the top 5.

I told you he looks like Potemkin.

Another artist I was "reconnecting" with these past few days was Gengoroh Tagame. The quest for the perfect porn to fill that gaping hole of a lover in my life seems to lead me to him. I now have a picture of what a person should look like for me to be attracted to him: He must resemble a Gengoroh Tagame Yaoi character.

Yaoi is gay hentai. Tagame Gengoroh is a Mangaka - he draws and writes Manga (no, not the fruit)

It's true, you look like your drawings. Check it out the next time you draw a stick figure.

I have found out I have been basing attractiveness in a man by the men drawn by Tagame. Burly, masculine, facial hair, a hint of chubbiness, stout, altogether stocky. This is the way i want "him." Whether Fat or muscle, a man must be a form fitting Tagame Gengeroh's Yaoi Manga characters. Except for one ex, all my male partners, I've noticed, resemble any of his characters, I noticed as I was addictive-ly downloading them last night.

(If you want to have a piece of me, you now know what I'm looking for)

I'd post all his works here but I'm afraid I'd get reported as this blog is automatically published to my facebook account. Here's a few images though:

Incidentally, the new guy at work looks like he's jusmped out of a Gengoroh manga. Stocky, thick eyebrows, tattooed, facial hair, heavily hairy. 

And lest before I forget, I must acknowledge someone from the past: you know who you are, and now you know. And thank you. :)

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