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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Screw it.

I regret having come out. It is the single worst thing that has ever happened to me apart from what I've been telling you.

Coming out LIMITS you. Instead of being this private p[erson who occasionally has flings from the same sex, it gives you a label.

It brands you to the core. It sets you apart like a scarlet letter.

I remember being told they didnt like me because I acted straight but still I tell people I'm gay. I mean, i don't volunteer the information, for crying out loud, but when I'm asked, I don't give it a second thought.

Until now.

People don't want me in their facebook accounts because my blog gives them an impression. I'm out.

They do not know me, they do not know the sound of my voice, or my mannerisms when i speak. They know nothing about my stuff. All they see are my rants.

And gay people do judge other gay people. And they get the goods.

Because at one point, their partners aren't embarrassed to hang out with them.


Society has it's rules. And not all of us can make sacrifices. But heck, being the bigger person isn't fun.

I was speaking to a few friends about this... How in the world are these gay rights activists going to pull it off?

Inequality exists even in the gay community.

I don't need a shoulder to cry on. I'm not that emotional about it. I was just... SHOCKED... And extremely sad for the gay community.

I was denied invitation to a facebook account NOT by a straight person but another gay man.

He says it is pathetic.

I said no comment.

Well, hell, yeah, I lied. i AM pouring my heart out right now.. He's not going to see this on my faceboook page anyway.

Well... there. That's my 2 cents worth.

once nag outing kami 2 ang kwarto- isa para sa mga babae at isa para sa mga lalaki. Ang mga bading sa kwarto ng mga babae natulog.
Ako sa tabi ng pool.
Kasi ayaw ng mga lalaki katabi ako baka gapangin ko sila; Ayaw ng mga babae na katabi ako... lalaki pa rin daw ako.

Tol paano mo naman ako papaniwalaain na katanggap tanggap ako.


Boying Opaw said...

alam sa opis na bading ako kasi pagkapasok ko palang sa team sinabi ko na na bading ako. sabi nila, "di nga?". ngayon alam na ng buong project.

nagka summer outing ang project nung May. dun ako pinatulog ng mga lalake sa kwarto nila kasi hindi daw ako pwede dun sa mga babae. sabi nila.

masaya ako dito sa project ko ngayon kasi wala silang pakelam na bading ako. hindi nila ako tinuturing na babae, lalake, bading, etc. tinuturing nila akong tao.

Boying Opaw

Gooeyboy said...

buti ka pa

Flo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flo said...

ang OA naman ng mga babaeng di nagpapatulog ng lalaki sa room (whether straight, bi or gay). feeler ba? or super prude? hindi naman lahat ng mga lalaki manyak.

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