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Sunday, December 13, 2009

No I 'm not ok

What the heck do you plan to do about that?


I'm burned out at home and Im a little bit burned out at work.

I havent had a good time in over a year and I wanna get laid.

I spend 5 hours in traffic and I have so much pressure at work. When I get home I am expected to pay the bills and take my family out shopping. In between, they throw all sorts of tantrums.

I just want something for myself. Kaya ako bumibili ng pabango, ng gadgets, ng kung anu ano na akala ninyo nagiging maramot ako because I try to pamper myself, well GUESS WHAT, I DESERVE IT.

No fucking other person is going to deserve pampering as much as me, so fuck off and stop expecting meto fix things, coz I am through fixing stuff for free.


Boying Opaw said...

inhale exhale...
inhale exhale...

kumusta rest day?

Gooeyboy said...


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