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Monday, April 25, 2011

Barbie Joins America's Next Top Model

I remember walking along Toy Kingdom the other week and stumbled across these AMAZING likenesses of BARBIE!

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Aysus, kabadingan na naman ito ng Palakang Petot," but wait! There's more!

We're not talking about the dolls your sister or your neice is playing... nah-ah... not even those fully poseable Barbie Dolls you can do 100 poses, (even those raunchy ones!) We are talking High fashion, fully detailed mini mannequins!

I've seen this, people her face is no longer the generic, recognizable face you'd see as Barbie. Yes, her face has changed over the years, depending on how we see beauty, but you KNOW it's Barbie... Well, this time, people she's looking more realistic on this dolls... 

These don't even look like toys anymore.  These are mini mannequins! The're not fully poseable as Barbie had become over the years. These flaunt a single pose you can modify a bit. These are, what I thought,  professional, supermodel poses.

It's like Barbie and her friends decided to join ANTM. These dolls are sleek, mean and SEXY.
I admit, I have a little action figure fetish... Like I would get my old GI Joes and superhero actionfigures in some naughty poses. I think it has something to do about my sexual frustrations, but hey, maybe I'll write about that tomorrow.

But these dolls just blew me away when I saw them in 'person.' Like I know they were out since last year, but I just haven't noticed them all that much, until I got to hold one of these collectibles in my hands.

Here is a close up:

Here is a detail of another doll's face:

And here's Ken:

Uhm... no, that's NOT Michael Jackson. But nice hair, huh?

Here's a black/latino couple:

These dolls fetch for PHP 1,500 a piece and higher.

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