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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pabibo Ka

Nakakainis kapag pinagsasabihan ka ng taong pabibo, pero hindi naman nag effort na alamin kung bakit ka nagkakaganyan.

This might be the only way of lettiong out my anger, and everythingf I can never do in real life.  You do not know me, and I do not know you... But You do may not possibly begin to imagine the immense pain that this individual has subjected me to during the short time I have spent as his friend.

He's invited every bit of calumny he deserves, just as you guys would look at my blog and laugh at what kind of a miserable creature Palakang Petot is. It's part of the design. It's called Schadenfraude.

Hey, yung mga pinost ko po, galing sa archives ko. And that guy I was bashing on pics the earlier blog? He's an asshole. I have lost friends because of what he's told people on facebook. They chose to believe him, and he doesn't even use his real name. I have entirely lost all trust on a lot of things in this world because of that person, And I don't think you understand when you you said 'OVERKILL", But YEAH, I feel like KILLING.

You do not know me, and I do not know you, so it makes it ABSOLUTELY NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS to tell me I've gone overboard.

You were not there to comfort me when I needed it, And you will never be enough to comfort me now that you've pissed me off.

I've never known you, and I hope I never will, But you might just wanna back off when someone wants to vent.

I hear people vent their anger over anything over the phone 8 hours a day, And you will give give me the 1 hour I need when I finally sit at home after 3 hours of travel.

You, as much as you state your terms and conditions fron google (which those pictures did not come from, that last one, I TOOK MYSELF) You don't think he does the same in SOME CRYPTIC WAY?  you can check: here is HIS blog

So if I Bash him All I want but stay CRYPTIC, does that give me the right as well? Think about it... It's all the same.

Again, You do not know what the story is. I do not just run around BASHING STRANGERS.

This guy is not just some random guy I decided to bully for the rest of my liofe. HE TOOK SOMETHING AWAY FROM ME. SOMETHING I DO NOT KNOW IF I CAN EVER GET BACK.

Bakit, may nagawa ka na ba to ease away my pain? No. I feel like hurting this other person and I feel so smothered by it that it feels like I'm gagged and tied up.

But everybody just watches amused.

So You see... THAT is how I FEEL.

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