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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy F^#K*ng 3rd Anniversary

Dear Agnolo,

So it's year #3. And absolutely no chnage whatsoever to my lovelife. A lot of hopefuls... and a few whose fervent longings for me are almost there... so to speak... but yep... ALMOST.

I am yet to see some real action (NO PUN INTENDED)

I meant some REAL dedication. It isn't enough that i make you horny, or you really want me. DUDE, make me believe it! I'm struggling to believe everyone who tells me he wants me. It's just not enough.

None of you guys even got to the point where you sleep with me yet. A few met me... and I don't even know what went wrong there...

So there... I'm still hoping. I am still waiting.

They say 3 is a charm. Three fucking years of guessing what happened, damn you.

Just look at my pictures! Look at whom you dumped! Sure... he'll be ok, he's charming, he's smart, he's cute... AND YOU TOTALLY DESTROYED HIS MOJO.

Now take a good look at you.


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