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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Daddy Mode

Dear Agnolo,

Did I ever mention I waa in charge of 2 human beings?

Iggy, 12 (turning 13 next weekend) and Leona, 3. They occupy my waking hours. Iggy, a budding teenager, who is obsessed on how he looks, and Leona, who clings to me (literally) like a plague. She cries and throws fits when i don't carry her, and she is equally menacing when I carry anyone else. She is going to make a horrible girlfriend someday.

Their parent split (My brother is their biological father) about a year ago, and both parents have found each a new partner. My brother has a new wife and a new set of kids, leaving thse angels (!?!) to my care.

Which is an entire new world of non-dating and being celibate to the ultimate level.

I feel like a single father.

Not that I'm complaining, but my status has not even budged a bit. Iam still known as single, and people do grimace when I turn down dates and events, weddings and christenings when either of these 2 children throw a fit.

I used to save  gazillions of porn in my notebook. That's the whole Idea of getting 160Gb of internal memory. Now it's all dedicated to DORA, Facebook, Pocoyo, Disney, GI Joe and the Transformers. No I will not allow Iggy the gamer to use it for DOTA. That's a desktop's job.

Being Daddy is the cherry on my sundae, the straw that broke my camel's back.

Scared of becoming my own father? Not only do I remind everyone of him, I AM him. Even my anger management issues, are HIM. I have one firm belief that scares me with these kids: No matter how much you try to escape it, YOU WILL BECOME YOUR PARENTS SOMEDAY.

So a word of advise to you kids, future adults of tomorrow: TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT MOM OR DAD; That's going to be you someday, one way or the other, just updated for the times.

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