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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Amazing Things

I have seen amazing things.

This was the thought racing in my mind as I watched a thunderstorm just outside my house, by the gates. I marvelled at the lightshow produced by the bouncing of electrons in the sky. Massive bolts of lightning racing between clouds of dark grey, illuminating a starless, midnight-blue canvass. Each dance of light, revealing the once invisible puffs of clouds, too massive, it surprised you that you did not see them.

In the same spot, some twenty-something years ago, I witnessed an even more amazing thing.

One rainy afternoon, I was 10 or 12, I was watching the thunderstorm as I was tonight, when a bolt of lightning hit the ground 3 meters away from me. It was the most magnificent bomb I have ever felt. My hair literally stood on end, as the impact blew a gust of warm wind and debris against me. The light was blinding, I could hardly see anything after it left a crater half a foot wide and a few inches deep.
Every bone in my body was tingling.

Amazing things happened to me.

I have seen Pope John Paul II while I was lost and separated from my group during World Youth Day in 1995. (I was liuterally almost run over the Popemobile.)

I filled a gymnasium of 5000 people watching my play, over watching a beauty pageant that evening, when no one thought it could happen. I had a handful of teenagers, young professionals, and bums with no acting experience whatsoever, and my lead actors quit a few weeks before the play. It was the only play my disapproving father saw.

Amazing still? I was the voice of "God."

Amazing Things. I was diagnosed with Anger management issues, and I'm still working in the customer care industry for over 6 years now. Amazing.

Amazing too far. I have never had children of my own, but I have a little girl calling me "Daddy," waking me up with a kiss every morning, trying to be the perfect little girl. An amazing little girl.

God produces amazing things all the time. At times amazing things can be terribly frightening, as lightning bolts hitting the ground you stand on, or the ocean capsizing an entire ship. Amazing things are all around us.

The most amazing part about it is that God thought you were amazing enough to witness them.



Mars Ramos said...

It is also amazing to have found new friends here at Facebook. But there are risks. I do not want to be one among those disposable chopsticks, Ron.
You continue to amaze me as I read your blogs. God bless you, Ron. : )

Gooeyboy said...

Nothing beats a good set of silver.

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