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Friday, April 12, 2013

In Slow Cooking Heat

I celebrated my birthday in slow cooking heat.

The thing with the heat thesedays,is that it's not like when you're at the beach, and you're in danger of the sun burning your skin, because it is aimed at you so acutely and in full blast, there is no time for my allergies to react to that. But this time, I noticed being submerged in my own heated space in a period of time, with the temperature slowly rising, and the air pressure slowly increasing.... It feels like you're skin is slowly broiled.

Broiled is an accuarte term to whatmy skin looks like at themoment. It's triggered one of my deeply hidden allergies I haven't confronted for years. Skin Asthma.

Worse, I tend to scratch it even in my sleep. I work at nights, you see, so I sleep during the day---yes, when the heat slowly cooks you until the afternoons.

I have even installed curtains, and--- well, inadvertedly tore off a door in my frustration against the heat.

It is unbearable, and an added stress to my already stressfull life. I really wish for rain, and I swear I will bathe in the first real outpour of rain.

They say, the prickly heat you earned all summer can be cured by the first rain of may, called la agua de mayo.

It also doesnt help that Solaris One has such a crappy airconditioning system. It is so hot, my allergies break out even at work.

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