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Monday, February 8, 2010

In a Relationship with...

People kinda wince down when they see the "In a relationship" Status on My facebook page. Not because they were hoping I was single so they can ask me out or something, but when they click on the name of the "person" I have a "relationship" with, they get to the page of my 2nd facebook account.

Yes, people, I am single. And no, I don't have dementia or heberphrenic schizophrenia.

It is a statement.

It is a statement that I am happily into a relationship with myself and I am not simply putting up with being single, nor am I compensating on my lack of relationship thereof.

I believe, that when you have the LUXURY--yes it is a luxury, my dear friends-- of having enough love to spend for yourself and anyone else, spend love on yourself first.

So, Okaaay... a 2nd facebook account with a matching relationship status with it is unconventional... and a little bit forbidding to possible mates... But hey, it creates a sort of "cheap thrill" doesn't it? You're flirting with a guy in a relationship! (gasp)

Of course some people might get the wrong first impression, but hey, who wants friends who judge you at first sight?

I'm sticking to my relationship status: In a Relationship with myself.

Ain't nothing too bad about it, and I think people should respect that I am resolute to that particular status until I am ready to take it on with another person.

Okaaay, now?

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