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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy...

My dad was born 15 November 1939... That makes him 70 today.

OMG, Dad, you're so old. It's a good thing nobody's seen you go grey and wrinkly. You were always handsome. In heaven everybody looks good, I guess.

People say I remind them of you. That's funny... We RARELY agreed on anything while you were here. People thought I became you. They keep expecting me to do things the way you'd do them. Jay hates me now. And the kids call me Daddy too.

I followed your LAST  advise... "Where you feel lost and you no longer know who you are... you always know where home is."

It's driving me NUTS, dad.

Anyways, If you have more of those advices, tell me of those SUBTLY. No Hamlet's Ghost-stuff... you know how much I hate apparitions.


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