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Monday, November 2, 2009

Webcam Sex

Dear Agnolo.

Hindi ko naiintindihan anong nakukuhang saya sa pagshoshow sa webcam.

So bubuksan mo ang webcam mo upon the request of someone na utog na utog sa iyo. Tapos?

May ipapakita ka?

Pag ipinakita mo, then what? They ask you to do something?


You are going to be streaming your privates on the web, ni hindi mo alam kung siya lang ang nanonood or he has it streaming somewhere else. At para saan? You have no way of being pleasured by this other person, you dont even know if he's even enthralled at what you're doing or he's probably laughing his ass off what a dumbass you've done to yourself.

Furthermore, this other guy could be a schmuck recording your "show" and before you know it you're all over Divisoria and recto!

And in my entire years of chatting on yahoo, and msn... I have never seen another person freely offer his webcam if he's someonbe I would like to see.


What could you possibly offer me that would make me wiggle my willie on streaming video?

The promise of sex. Pucha. everyone's promising sex. WELL PROMISES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN.

They always do. So I have a gloomy takle on stuff like trust... it seems no one has decided mine is of value, eh. Stop telling m that its MINDSET. I DIDNT SET THIS ON MYSELF FOR NOTHING. I HAVE MYSELF AND ONLY MYSELF TO PROTECT.

Stop telling me I'm negative and bitter and BE THE REASON FOR MY CHANGE.

Ask youirself why i should change for you. you don't know me. And I'm not sure if you even care if I change.

STOP ASKING FOR MY WEBCAM. Come here and kiss me you idiot. I don't need cybersex. I can masturbate fimne without anyone watching, thank you.

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