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Monday, January 9, 2012

Gooey's Day Off FAIL.

Jamie kept ringing my phone at 3am.

"Where are our friends?!?"

"I dunno. I called Jayvee, Aig and her are going to a wake."

"What wake?"

"Paul's dad died. Huling gabi ngayon."

"Seriously? So sino kasama mo? Where's Jamilla?"

"She's not answering her phone. Someone was ringing me, but when I called back, there was this wierd ringback,"

"So where are you?"

"I went home. I charged my pod, I fell asleep."

"You're not going out?" she asked with a sad voice.

I made that sound I do when I'm not sure what to say, "Mmnn, nah. I tried my luck at B Side, I got bored.

The truth of the matter was, I planned to go out. I vowed myself I'd party this ONE REST DAY I have, eventhough it's a Sunday.

I even went to the parlor and had what's left of my hair trimmed; I went to the laundromat to collect BOTH my clothes and Jamie's.

I frikin' got my bald head shampooed at the parlor. I WAS PREPARED.

And come 11:00pm, I was at KFC.

I remember staring at this cute daddy, thinking, 'are those all his kids? He must be so yummy that hia wife let him fuck her all that much... And such rich sperm!'

Mmmm mmm mmm mmmm.

Fuck nuts, I wanted to party.

I thought of calling Jamilla coz we planned to go to Sensation. But hey, the phone just simply rang. So I texted Jamie. I called Jayvee.

She was in the office, hanging out with Aighel. I could hear his calls.

They couldn't go out; they were going to a wake after his shift.

I was torn.

Monster ain't able to party with his friends. I wanted to go to Malate. Theguys there let me grope them on the dance floor. There might be action.

Then I realised, I just git pickpocketed there last week; This group of boys surrounded me and pinched my wallet; Had I not taken one of the boys and held him until they spit the wallet out, I would have lost my IDs.

The wallet was returned empty, but all my cards were there. They all ran away.

I wasn't going to go there alone.

I went to B Side, but realised, fucknuts, every single guy was either straight, taken, or annoyingly conceited. Loved the music though, they had torches. (i was like, "ooohhh, fire...")

Then my ipod drained.

I wasn't going to stay there with no one to talk to, and nothing to play with (figuratively and literally intended), so I went home to charge my shit.

I intended to go back, but my melancholy got to me.

You see, if I weren't the only single person in my circle of friends, I wouldn't have such a hard time hunting for a good time on my rest day. People stay in when they're a couple.

Heck, Jayvee was hanging out in te LAST place you'd wanna hang out on your rest day --- the office, with Aighel, and she doesn't mind.

I drew a face on my pillow so there's a face on it when I cuddle it.

It was HORRIBLE going back to the apartment. I felt DEFEATED.

I felt like a fisherman who went out to sea to catch fish, and there weren't any. Or a wolf who couldn't hunt.

I woke up from a call on my phone. It was Jamie.

"oh ok, I'm coming home, then, if you're not gonna drink."

A few minutes later, she was knocking on the door. She bought ice cream and demanded we wake Rachel and Leigh upstairs.

We found out Mattex had come back from CDO. We ate the ice cream Jamie bought.

"Go get yourself a boyfriend, Gooey."

I was rolling my eyes, thinking, "HOW?!?"

"You need a boyfriend."

I didn't reply. She finished her icecrean and crawled on Mattex' bed. Soon she was snoring.

She's atill there as I'm writing this.

And so touched I have friends like her, Cojo reminded me on my Facebook wall I have amazing friends... I can always crash Rache's and Mattex' pad anytime.

But yeah. Gooey needs a boyfriend.

Or at least get laid on his days off.

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