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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Men Who Fall From Grace

I know he's not perfect.

He wants to be perfect. He wouldn't have fallen of he didn't try climbing. It means he has dreams. It means he wanted to be somewhere seen.

I know he will try again. He will climb, and he will fall... And I want to catch him every time and heal his wounds until he's ready to climb again. Each time he climbs, he will look like a lion, fierce, fearless and mad with passion. And for each fall, I cradle him like a lost lamb, vulnerable, easy, gentle and needing...

I love men who fall from grace. I am attracted to men who won't give up. I want them broken, healing and yearning.

I want him solid as a rock, determined and strong.

I want him gentle as a feather, yearning and vulnerable.

You don't know him Like I know him He must be allowed to stand proud If you shame this man and make him crawl He'd be no man at all, no man at all He's got to be someone Who wakes every morning And takes on the world for a limb Who touches your hand and makes you fall for only him And he's got to be someone Who's strong as a lion yet sweet as a meadowlark's song Who makes any dream seem like you'd love to go along Oh, everything about him is a contradiction Built a boundless empire with the heart of a child I'd trade it all if I could just recall The last time the Emperor smiled  And he's got to be someone Who burns with a passion that never ever sets him free Oh, please say tonight might relieve him of his misery And bring back the someone I knew to me...

The man is broken, yes, but only because he wanted to spread the wings he's never had. I want to be his wings. If only I can. 

He doesn't need to be perfect. He just needs to be someone who wants to be. And tries.

Even if he falls.

Yes, I want to love a wannabe. The good kind.

Let's hear it from La Streisand:

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