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Monday, September 21, 2009

200 Pound Beauty with my sister

Dear Agnolo,

I know, I've seen this movie a few times already. Each viewing a little bit different. I'll tell you why.

First time I saw the film I saw i on my own. It won best picture in Korea, the girl won best actress. It was funny I was based on a popular Manga story. I loved the music. I laughed a few times, but not out loud.

2nd time I watched it was at the office during graveyard shift. Didn't finish it, a few calls came in. Was ok, my shift mates thought some scenes were funny.

Tonight, reason I was late logging in, my sister borrowed my laptop and found the movie. She started watching it. I thought it was appropriate. She's not exactly 200 pounds, but she's close (love you, sis).

Then she started laughing. ALL THE WAY. It was different than the first 2 times I watched it. I was watching it now with people who appreciated the movie. I loved the movie, and eventhough I have seen it before, I laughed because they were laughing.

It's not like appreciating a movie on your own. there's always a part of the experience that is lackong. When you see something alone, there is much room to critique, and that hinders the enjoyment factor.

I don't think there's a lot of movies out there designed for you to watch alone.

Tried it. Last movie I watched was back in May. Watchmen. I loved the graphic novel. I thought no one was ever going to make a movie out of it.

I prepared. I bougth my favorite bag (the ziplocked kind) of wasabi popcorn from Taters. I had like a tub of softdrinks to wah it off. I chose the seat in the middle of the theater, close enough to enjoy the entire screen.

Still, I was a critic. I never wtched another movie alone.

Thus, that became the last movie I watched.

But tonight, I enjoyed 200 poun d beauty.

Yes on a scrawny, 10 inch laptop screen in a room that didn't have airconditioning and the kids crowning me on top of the bed.

And I was missing a few people from chat. (Well most of them just say "hi," looko at my photos and decide they don't like me.

That was the highlight of chat at night.

Oh. and there's porn (which I am downloading right now).

But I enjoyed watching a movie on a small unsophisticated screen, no popcorn, no wasabi, No nothing.

This is what I meant about going out withanother human being.

YUesterday I spent the entire afternoon with my family in Tutuban and 168. Tiring but fun. And i don't mind spending when I am with people like these.

So much you people miss by turnng me down.

tsk tsk tsk.

Well, Agnolo, I guess we'll never know what it's like in a real theater with a date, right?

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