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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Will Call You Agnolo

So Yesterday was day % at the poffioce for this week. It is my Rest Day today. Everyone keeps asking me what's new.

Absoluitely nothing.

Iv've decided to keep this more personal blog and update it everyday. It's starting to look futile. I begin thinking of what to write and I end up with a milllion things in my head, ending with no particular topic in mind.

Enter frame to last night. I was undecided if I wanted to go clubbing. Of course I had a 5-pound bag in the way. I was at G;lorietta and I started to go online at aroung 3 pm, trying to fish out a couple of people who may be bored a s well, try to see if I can convince them to go out, have a few drinks. Have fun.

I haven't had fun in ages.

There was NOBODY online. And if there were, they were'nt speaking to me.

Someone asked me if I had friends.

I'm starting to believe I don't.

Then I went to smoke at the open area just outside Starbucks in G4, I saw one star... Actually I think it was aplanet. Itr wasn't twinkling.

Around me, a myriad of people with partners, regardless if friends or lovers, same-sex or what-nots, conversing with each other. If you hadn't brought someone, you were talklingwith someone on the phone. The coupole behind me was arguing.

Me? I was steadily staring at the star... er, planet.

Plato said people are born incomplete and we find our half-- our soulmates in the process of living.

I dare to say I may be born complete anyway but re fuse to accept it bec I am different.

For this reason I believe is why people tend to think I can handle anything... and it ios simply untrue.

I am petrified with being alone to fend for myself.

Let alone, have someone deend on me.

My broken faith has been abandoned by the people I loved the most and I do not know where to begin.

This is the first time in my entire existence that I have trully needed help and have not gotten a response in years.

And so begins my journey.

I will call you Agnolo. And you will be my friend.

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